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Whether you’re starting a new business, in a relationship, diagnosed with an illness, or even a career, fear doesn’t belong anywhere near it.

For too long we have given into fear - given into society’s views of how our lives should be, into the joy suckers and the party poopers - now we stop! We take back our power, and we reign with our middle fingers up. We laugh loudly, twerk harder, and live boldly. We break chains, walk through doors, and sit at tables without reservations. We are renegades; we walk the walk and talk the talk and truly live out loud. We embrace our flaws and turn them into flawsome qualities. No more worrying about what others think, we now tell the world that Fear Doesn’t Go With My ___!

We say it loudly and courageously:

  • If it’s an illness…Fear Doesn't Go With My Health

  • If it’s a job….Fear Doesn't Go With My Career

  • If it’s money…Fear Doesn't Go With My Finances

  • If it’s Entrepreneurship…Fear Doesn’t Go With My Business

Whatever it is, we are leaving fear behind. It has no place in our lives and can no longer ruin us!

Take this movement and make it your own, for the only person that defines you, is you.

Then I want you to join me as we put on our best heels, dope graphic tees, bold lippies, and magical accessories, to exclaim to the world that fear doesn’t go with my ____!

Hey Fearless Fly Girl! I’m Crystal Marie and welcome to Fear Doesn’t Go With My Outfit!

In 2008 I betted on myself and started my own event planning company. I was in the midst of my career and realized that the 9-5 path was not my ministry. If I were going to work hard for anyone, it would be for me. For eight years following the launch of Crystal Marie Events, I went to work during the day and worked on my business at night and weekends. While this was a financially comfortable decision, I was miserable. I cried myself to work more times than I could count. It was during those times that I realized that I was still living in fear. Holding on to a job that I did not love because I feared that I would not succeed as a full-time entrepreneur. I expected to work while building my company in the beginning, but I never imagined it would take 8 years.

So, in 2016 I took the plunge. I left my resignation on my keyboard, grabbed my purse and said buh-bye to follow my passion. It was not an easy decision for me to make, and at first, I struggled. I thought I was crazy (as did many others). Then one day as I was getting dressed in front of my mirror and talking to myself (as I seldom do when I am pondering an important decision), I stopped and looked at myself. Like, really looked at me. Starting from my heels, to my crimson blouse layered with a bold statement neck piece, and up to my fiery multi-colored locs, and I answered every question that was roaming through my mind, “because fear doesn’t go with my outfit.”

And with that, I strutted out and roused a new movement.

At the time I didn’t understand the magnitude of what I said. But looking back, I’ve overcome so many obstacles, including the recent loss of my mother to cancer and my own battle with health issues. The conclusion is always the same, me pushing through to the other side. I am still standing, and I am here. I overcome because I push back fear, and I’m here to remind you that YOU, can do the same too!

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